Crompton Way Motors Finalist Autotrader Retailer Awards 2019

Team CWM are thrilled to be invited for the 3rd year to the Autotrader Retailer Awards 2019 which will take place in London 18th July. 

Now in its 12th year, the Auto Trader Retailer Awards are a celebration of the very best in our industry. The seven prestigious categories are designed to recognise those retailers showing excellence both on and offline, with the winners determined by millions of data points, an in-depth mystery shopping programme, or an independent panel of judges.

As the UK’s 16th largest website and 40 years of heritage, Auto Trader is one of the UK’s best known brands. There’s no better way to stand out and build trust with your customers than an Auto Trader Retailer Award trophy!

So it's fingers crossed for Team CWM realy proud that out of 13,500 retailers we have made it to the final,   keep your eye on our social media for results on the night!